I placed a DBResponiveList inside an IPhoneScrollRegion. It displays as it did in my test project, but the scrolling is very slow.

Is there any problem with this combination? Are there any properties of either component that can be changed to fix the performance?

Is this tested on iPhone?
What iPhone OS is this?

How is the content of items defined? Is there anything heavy in this content like images?

This is the same Responsive List you helped me with a few days ago. I got it working on an IWForm while connected to a local datasource. I copied it into another application intended for mobile phones.

They share the same data source. The view includes one image for each row. I tested in Chrome on Windows, and on an iPhone 6 with the latest upgrades applied.

Everything rendered the same as it did in my test, but on the phone it scrolled very slowly.

Can you try to isolate this and provide some sample source project with which we can reproduce this here so we can investigate as we cannot see such issue here.