TTMSFNCResponsiveList is slow on IOS and MacOS

Test demo RLDemo.dpr (in Demos\FMX\ResponsiveList).
It's work fine on Windows (Win 32). Compiled wiht Delphi 10.4.2.
But it is so slow (scroll) on IOS (Iphone SE), MacOs (Intel Mini 2014) and Android.

I have tried this demo without picture (in html), and only 20 items and its the same.
Only this code :

procedure TForm46.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  i: integer;

    for i := 0 to 20 do
      TMSFNCResponsiveList1.Items.Add.Content := '<B>'+i.ToString+'</B>'+'<BR>test <b>test</b>  test test test test test test test <A href="">test test test test test test </A>dsf<BR>';



I have tried enabling Metal (in projet source) and it's better on MacOS but change nothing on IOS.

Anyone as this speed problem ?


We have tested this here and couldn't immediately reproduce a slow scrolling. However, the speed is most likely due to the HTML content and the amount of items visible at once. This is typically the bottleneck. Can you try disabling HTML and see what the performance is? We'll investigate what can be done about the performance on mobile operating systems. (1.7 KB)
Hi Pieter,

Full sample in attachment (it's your demo modified).

My Mac Mini 2014 (With a SSD) and my Iphone 6S work like a charm. When Metal is enabled it's better on MacOS.

Your TMSFNCResponsiveList component is certainly one of the more interesting visual component I have seen on Firemonkey but it's only need very more speed...

We'll see what can be done about the scrolling speed. Thank you for the feedback!