I have a form with a TTIWDBResponsiveList component on it which works fine using most browsers on a PC.  however, when the page is viewed from either iOs or Android using Safari, Silk, Chrome and others, I get an error dialog:

AJAX request failed: The application server did not respond
Method: POST
Status: 0
Status Text:

The list which started with many entries ends up blank and unreponsive.
Any one know a workaround??

Steve Forshaw


We are not aware of such an issue with the TTIWDBResponsiveList.
Can you please provide additionional information so I can further investigate this?

- The version of Delphi you are using
- The version of IntraWeb you are using
- The version of iOS you are using
- The version of Android you are using
- The number of items displayed in the list
- Does the issue also occur in the DB ResponsiveList demo of the TMS IW FeaturesDemo application?