In RAD Studio 10.3.1 when building the DBPlanner component to install it I get the following error

[ilink32 Error] Fatal: Unable to open file 'VCL.IMAGING.GIFCONSTS.OBJ' 

As far as I can tell all paths are correct.  There is a VCL.IMAGING.GIFCONSTS.DCU, HPP and PAS files but no OBJ.  Is this a DBPlanner issue or something to do with RAD Studio?

This is the first time we hear about this problem report.

Is this when you compile the DBPlanner package file from the Delphi personality in the IDE?
Normally, on a clean Delphi 10.3.1 setup this should compile without any issue.
Rad Studio in C++ Builder.  I'm able to install OK in Berlin Rad Studio C++ Builder, but in Rio I get this error.
Sorry, I tried to get this building with an older component project, so that may be the cause.  So what the real question should be is where do I find the C++ Builder project files for RAD Studio Rio? 


Hi, got this working. Used the old Berlin project file dbplanc10.cbproj as mentioned above, but added vclimg.bpi dependency to requirements using notepad.

If you can build proper C++ Builder Rio project files it would be good. 

If you would like my one as a reference just let me know.


I had the same issue (C++Builder Rio Professional) and can confirm that the solution provided by Windheuser Max works (thank you!)