Installs not registering components


Attempted to install VCL Component Pack 9.0.4.   I have 10.1 Berlin and 10.3.1 Rio installed currently.

The installer ran okay, and there were no error messages.  (Apart from it detecting XE6 even though I uninstalled XE6 a while back - I guess there's files still hanging around - I de-selected the XE6 option, so I had just Berlin and Rio installing).

When loading Berlin it complained that several TMS___DXE10.BPL files did not load.

I had to find & open the packages for Berlin and manually build and install. 

All was well with Rio.

The same thing then happened with the TMS Advanced Chart components.  (I had some issues building the packages for that, but eventually figured it out).

Again, Rio was fine. 

Is there an install log file that I could send you or something?


The installer log file is generated in the Windows Documents folder.

Hi Bruno,

Files are here:


The error I see is:

This means most likely your library path is too long. Try to remove unused paths from your library path in Delphi Berlin & retry to install.

Thanks Bruno.  I'll do that.