DateTimePicker border styling with 1.5.6

I just installed the latest version 1.5.6. and i am not able to set the border style for DateTimePicker control to none. It always shows up with a border.

Also the In my current project a WebGroupBox caption doesn't use the font property of the control. I am not sure from where the font is coming. All controls inside the group are ok. The ParenFont set to FALSE.
When i start a new project and drop WebGroupBox on the form it works as expected.
But why it is not possible to fix it in the existing project. Even if i drop a new one, set the parent font to FALSE. Set the font for the control and when i run it it picks up the big-size font from somewhere.

Thanks for reporting the issue with the TWebDateTimePicker. It is fixed now.

I could not reproduce a problem with TWebGroupBox.
The caption font is set to WebGroupBox.Font when ParentFont = false.
If this problem persists, please check your CSS and if there is no CSS related issue found, provide a sample source test project with which we can reproduce this here.