Bug: Border not rendered correctly in TWebGroupBox


I installed the 1.7.2 update earlier today and it's great that the vertical shifting of components inside of a WebGroupBox has been improved. It's still not perfect (in the sense that there are still certain cases where the web page doesn't precisely match the way it looks in the IDE), but it's much better than in earlier versions.

While testing this particular fix, I discovered a new bug that was introduced. When placing a new TWebGroupBox onto a form, the border of the new groupbox is not drawn correctly. Specifically, the right side and bottom borders are missing. This is especially visible when the border colours are bright and easy to see.

The unfortunate thing about this bug is that it also affects existing projects. After installing 1.7.2 and loading one of my existing projects, I noticed immediately that it improved the vertical shifting problem of components inside a groupbox, but now all of my groupboxes have their right-side and bottom borders missing.

The strange thing is that I was able to modify my earlier sample project (uploaded on May 19) and it displays correctly. I opened the project, and the borders looked fine. I changed the border color of the GroupBox to clBlue, and it looks fine (all four sides are visible).

But when I try to load other projects, they immediately lose their right border and bottom border even if I don't make any changes. And whether it's an existing project or a brand new project, as soon as I add a new TWebGroupBox component to the form, I can immediately see the border issue.

GroupBox Border.zip (12.8 KB)

We implemented a further improvement that will be included in the next update.