TAdvDateTimePicker focus border paint problem

Border of TAdvDateTimePicker (v1.3.0.0) stays in focus color when used with Windows10 VCL style. First showing is correct (ie. border has gray color), when you hover over it the color turns to blue. Leaving the focus, the color stays blue. Also the font and font color is not correct. Turn off Windows10 VCL style and it works fine. Tested with Delphi Berlin 10.1.

I did several tests but couldn't see an issue. This was tested with a TAdvDateTimePicker and TEdit on the form and hovering over the TAdvDateTimePicker  changes its border color to somewhat darker and putting the focus in the control makes the border blue. Moving the focus to another control makes the border also black again. If a problem persists, can you please provide exact steps + preferably some sample source project with which we can reproduce the problem here.

Simple: Take your AdvEditBnt demo project and add a TAdvDateTimePicker on the EditBtn form. Set Custom Styles to Windows10 and Default Style to Windows10. Run the project and hover over some edits including TAdvDateTimePicker. The border turns to blue and stays blue after leaving. Also the font and font color isn't correct. Stop the demo and set the default style to Windows and run again. Now everything works okay.

We have checked this and the problem is already at VCL TDateTimePicker. This also erratically colors its border when hovering over the control. We'll need to contact Embarcadero and we'll need to check if we can figure out a workaround at our descending control level (which might be non-trivial)

Ok, thanx