TWebDateTimePicker Using CSS is Wrongfully Drawing a Border When Focused

I'm using a TWebDateTimePicker bound to an HTML element with input type "date". When I run the project the element is being drawn as it it is supposed to, i.e. without borders. However, when I focus on the element, a border is being drawn which is not supposed to. This is regardless if I choose BorderStyle bsSingle or bsNone. Checking the elements in the "Developer Tools", I can see that initially the element has no style="outline: " attribute. When the element is focused a style="outline: auto" attribute is added to the element. And when the element is defocused, it is changed to style="outline: none".

I believe this is a bug, unless there is something I'm missing.

Currently, as a workaround, I'm manually changing the attribute to "style="outline: none" in the TWebDateTimePicker's OnEnter event; which for some reason is being triggered twice.

Please, advise

Hi. Any update on this?

We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

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