Bug: Font size preventing border from being rendered correctly in TWebGroupBox


I installed the update today, and the WebGroupBox border issues have been fixed - but only when the default font size 8 is being used.

If you change the font to anything bigger, you begin to lose borders.

At font size 9 to 11, you lose the right border.
At font size 12 and higher, you lose the right and bottom borders.

Anything more than size 12 doesn't seem to make any difference. The top and left borders are always drawn correctly, but the right and bottom borders will be missing, depending on the font size.

Please see attached example.

GroupBox Border - Font Size Issue.zip (5.6 KB)


I tested version 1.7.3, and unfortunately this problem still remains.

Any ideas on when a fix will be implemented?

I reported this bug 6 months ago.
Is it something that will ever be fixed?
If not, please just say "no, we have no intention of fixing this", so that I can create a workaround solution in all of my projects.

We applied a fix that will be included in the next update

same problem has radiogroup

It descends from TWebGroupBox, so it is fixed for TWebRadioGroup (and TWebCheckGroup) as well.

I installed version 1.9.1 and it works perfectly now.

Thank you.