Pardox table support in import module


As part of the migration of a large project from BDE to SQLite, I had to write a (rudimentary) Aurelius driver for BDE.

I was now wondering if there was a way to add that capability to data modeler: since the application I'm handling has a great many tables, it would really, help a lot if I had a tool to generate the model starting from the DB instead of having to reverse-engineer it all.

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You mean adding Paradox support to Data Modeler? Unfortunately such database is not supported, and I'm not sure we will ever support it, since it's an old one and very rarely used. Also Paradox has several limitations/differences from the traditional RDBMS that will probably require even more specific code in Data Modeler to be supported.

Thank you for your answer

I was more thinking in terms of a plugin, really. Aurelius already has a way to abstract the DB implementation and I hoped there was a system to add to Data moderler's one.

Would you have a suggestion bout how I could generate entities automatically starting with BDE database ?

I would do a manual import of BDE database structure and then generate a similar one in another database supported by Data Modeler (SQLite, MS SQL Server, etc.). Then import that structure in Data Modeler and generate Aurelius code.

DataPump-Tools can create the structure out of a BDE-DB easily to a Interbase/FireBird-RDBMS. You can then import this structure to Data-Modeler and do/export to whatever you want.

I migrated some BDE Applications a few years ago. Even the old, free ones worked perfectly fine. You can use them to pump data and also to only extract the structure with many individual options for Fieldtype-mapping if the default does not fit...

Maybe this could be also an approach for you...

Regards, Tom

Thank you both. I used the demo version of AbsoluteDB migration to port the data and the imported the structure from that DB.