Xdata server for 3rd party database

I have a third party firedac driver for Salesforce database. It connects and I am able to view the tables and work on them. How do I build the xdata server with this connection because Aurelius does not recognize the SQL script and is not able to generate the unit based on it

Aurelius works by executing SQL statements to the database. Either to import existing database structure, to create database structure, or to retrieve and modify data. 

It's not specific to FireDac, or any other database access. Thus, it needs to support the specific database (Salesforce), which is not available as one of the databases supported for Aurelius, unfortunately.

Thanks for the reply. Else where in this forum you had mentioned that creating instance of the schema and the sql programs for the sybase database we will be able to use it. I have all the details of the sql variance that this driver used and should be able to make the necessary updates myself if you could tell me the steps to follow  Since I have access to the table structure with this driver I will also be able to generate the entity model as used by Aurelius. That way I do not have to look out for another rest server. I will truly appreciate your guidance 

Sure, there are not many files you need to create. It's basically two "categories": SQL and Schema.

The first are a collection of units named Aurelius.SQL.<database>.pas and the second are Aurelius.Schema.<database>.pas.
For example, Aurelius.Sql.Firebird.pas, Aurelius.Schema.MSSQL.pas, etc..
The SQL ones contain the specifics of SQL syntax. The Schema contains the proper SQL statements that you need to execute in the database to import database structure.
You could maybe pick one database that you think syntax is more similar to Salesforce, copy the files are Aurelius.SQL.Salesforce.pas and Aurelius.Schema.Salesforce.pas and then continue from there.

We can try to help you with the understanding of the units, of course. We just don't have a test/development environment for Salesforce usage.
But if you come up with something with our help, we could include it in Aurelius distribution as "non-official" support.

Thank. I will give it a try and get back to you. Incidentally I am typing this while watching your webcore course

Great, I hope you enjoy it!