need source code of datamodeler or AureliusPluginLibrary.dll has nexusdb dialect

i start to learn and use tms biz and a new project .
i will use unidac. Main tables will be in nexusdb and i will read and write to another dbservers (mysql,mssql,postgresql) .
I start with datamodeler . When i add or modify shema everytime i need to get sql difference and run against dbserver manually.
then i remember "Context Database Designer" from years ago .. i start think "ok i can add it s function to tms datamodeler. And i surprised because of Bruno said that " source code of not avaible for customers".
Then i star think mayve i can do opposite , maybe i can compile my old Context Database Designer application and i can create dictionary unit fot xdata. This time i learned AureliusPluginLibrary.dll .. Another thing that has no source in files. And this dll says "can not use nexusdb dialect" ..
what did you advice me?

AureliusPluginLibrary.dll is compiled exactly with Data Modeler source code, so it's the same source. We are considering releasing the source code, but it needs to be more organized to be published, as it was not originally developed to be public, so it has lots of dependencies.

So for the sake of the tool itself, you will get more from Data Modeler than AureliusPluginLibrary.dll

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if you send me source code even not organized or dependencies .. i want to work on it. then i can plan next months more clear. Already i need to learn TMS more.. if possiable for you i mean. i hope i will spend so much time with TMS products. Thank you.

I cannot do that yet until we find time to review the code. Besides technical reasons, there are legal issues, i.e., if there are parts of the code that can be published, because of 3rd party source code, private or public.

What exactly do you need to do with it?

1- i want to create entitiy class and register them and use with xdata during i modify my tables and fields very often till my database become mature for use datamodeler and create units. at runtime i mean .
2- i want use unidac adn as i wrote before add function to datamodeler for this : update schema against database server . yes tehre is a version control now but i think datamodeler give to me only ddl sql .

by the way i had licence of context source code years ago .
and if not possiable send to me your source,
is there [ AureliusPluginLibrary.dll has nexusdb dialect ] already compiled for delphi 11.3 ?

As far as I know AureliusPluginLibrary is already compiled for all database drivers, it's the configured TAureliusConnection in the form designer that provides the connection to it.

Question remains, why do you want AureliusPluginLibrary.dll for NexusDB if you can use Data Modeler?

1- datamodeler don't update database when i changed schema or diagram .
2- if i have datamodeler source then no need about AureliusPluginLibrary.dll code
3- if i have datamodeler source then i will try add somethings for update database when i changed schema or diagram
4- if not possiable datamodeler source , then i think use AureliusPluginLibrary.dll with my old database designer and then i can add mymenu to create dictionary for xdata.

Data Modeler does generate SQL to update the database based on schema/diagram changes.
Maybe you are referring to the process of reimporting the existing database into an existing schema?

As said, we intend to release DM source code, but we can't do that yet.

That's the part I don't understand. AureliusPluginLibrary.dll is just a subset of DM source code. It's the same source code, with an extra thin layer of integration with Delphi IDE. Nothing more. I can't see how having AureliusPluginLibrary.dll source code will be better than DM source code.

i understand that no source of DM and no source of AureliusPluginLibrary.dll for near future. So , i wrote before that : i can solve my problem till you release dm source if i can obtain AureliusPluginLibrary.dll yes without source , compiled for delphi 11.3 BUT include nexusdb dialect. it will be enough . really i don't want waste your time. Thank you friend.

You can download that modified DLL version from here:

Thank you friend i start prepa

re a sample for you :)

sample project. new AureliusPluginLibrary.dll says same .. " EAureliusPluginException: Cannot create dictionary. Dialect NexusDB not supported"

Can you please try to download it again?

ok i will try again and sample project for you :)

AureliusPluginLibrary.dll start action :)
This time new error message :

We have updated the dll once more, hope it works now.

AureliusPluginLibrary.dll is working now.
this time an error after start job.
i don t want make yu tired , so i start read your documents and i will try to learn more and i hope days later i will write you. Thank you so much .
AureliusPluginLibrary.dll is at work  2024-03-26 214108