Cloud Services Demo: No results for 3 different services

I'm trying the Cloud Services demo, and am not getting any results with Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive demos. No errors that I can see, but absolutely nothing displayed in the listbox, and none of the buttons seem to have any impact. What's the best way to diagnose the issue(s)?



first of all, did you follow the correct steps to configure a client-id & secret, and also set a proper callback URL that matches the one that you entered in the details? The first thing that happens after clicking Conect or Authenticate is that a browser pops up to log in and retrieve an authentication token. A big green checkmark should be shown when authentication is succesful.

Let's use DropBox as one example. I have the App Key and App Secret from the DropBox App Console. Using the Demo, when I click Connect the first time after creating the Application, I get a web page asking for permission to continue:
Before you connect this app... Make sure that you know and trust this developer.
Cancel / Continue

Clicking Continue then presents this web page:
MealService would like to View basic information about your Dropbox account.
Cancel / Allow

Clicking Allow then displays this page:
Application successfully authorized

So, I believe that I am connecting. In fact, the DropBox App Console shows the number of API calls. However, in the Demo, the list of files never refreshes. The log shows "Get Folder List" several times.

Aha. It must be my firewall. I'm using Windows Defender on the machine in question. If I turn off the firewall I get results.

The callback is bound to a specific port which needs to be configured in your firewall, or use a port that is already available in added to your firewall.

Yup, thanks.