Example of FNC google drive?

I have all my Google developer account setup and working with google workspace. I placed a number of folders and files in the drive, which is only used for tests.
Created and got credentials (key, id and secret) for my app. Authentication works and passes control to the callback URI where the test app is really simple. Domain is verified and server is working fine.
From reading the TMS cloud manual and in the "delphi style" I wrote the test app, but did not find any additional info on how to use the components. I clearly need more info or a working example. Either I have something missing or the FNC Cloud components (am using it with Web Core, and it is a web application) have some problem.
The goal of the test app is just to return a list of files and folders, but the call returns no results, an empty array I think.
Can somebody point me to the proper documentation or examples?
These tests are in delphi Sydney.
The app has two buttons, one to connect and other to retrieve the file list. In the last test I tried to get the "download url" property.
In the code below, Gdrive.count returns zero. Tried a loop with hand written values and the app just fails basically with "empty list" red error at the screen bottom.
Again, probably am missing something but can´t find any documentation on the proper use.

procedure TGDConnect.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
TMSFNCCloudGoogleDrive1.Authentication.Key := GOOGLEAPIKEY; // set your Google Calendar API key here;


procedure TGDConnect.WebButton2Click(Sender: TObject);
var c, it: integer;
c := TMSFNCCloudGoogleDrive1.GDrive.Count;
weblistbox1.items.Add('Total items:'+inttostr(c)); // works, returns zero
for it := 0 to c-1 do

Well, nevermind. I found another demo folder inside the cloud pack instalation folder. I was only looking in the Demos folder that the installer puts in the "general population" documents.
Good to know that there are more Demos.
The cloud storage demo does authenticate and retrieve my folder and files list, so am going to follow the sample code.

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