Smart Setup 1.0.28 don't install FNC components in android and linux

Noticed that Smart Setup stopped installing FNC components on Android64 and Linux. Other components like Aurelius and xData are compiling on android and linux.

On Delphi 12.1 update 1 and Smart Setup 1.0.28

And by the way seem the remote list is not updated to latest versions of TMS Async and VCL UI pack.

Could you please give more details? Provide the log files generated after the failed installation?

Will check.

Sorry, always forget to send logs. Was using Smart Setup GUI.

Sending my config file and logs. (110.9 KB) (2.6 KB)

Can you please try to select FNC products (or all products, if you want to be safe and have time) and click "Full Build" to force a full rebuild of all packages?

Hello Wagner,

Did a full build as requested. Noticed that all non FNC components did compile in Android and Linux. (208.0 KB)

Got one error from FNC Gantt.that tried to compile in Android64.