Can't install WX Pack v1.4.0.0

for Delphi Tokyo, neither using Manager v2.1 nor via manual installation.
Appropriate Install txt file contains these two rules:
In the IDE ..

  • TMSFNCWXPackPkgD*.dproj ..
  • TMSFNCWXPackPkgDED*.dproj ..
    But only these three WX Pack files are present ( adequate for my Delphi Tokyo )
  1. FMXTMSFNCWXPackPkgDXE11.dproj
  2. VCLTMSFNCWXPackPkgDXE11.dproj
  3. TMSFNCWXPackPkgDEDXE11.dproj

This means that
is not present. Therefore a complete installation is not possible for the given situation.

The setup should automatically install, did you do this? Please send us the log file, generated in

Also, you need to install TMS FNC Core as a dependency first.

Yes, I did.
I install TMS components often, for several years.
(TMS All Access and even earlier TMS VCL Pack)

The requested log file I have already sent you by e-mail.
Before the "WX Pack", I have installed almost all components of TMS Alll-Access, except the "IntraWeb" files. Definitely all FNC components

I checked here but couldn't see an email with log file.
Can you resend so we can inspect?

Just forwarded.
I responded to Pieter originally

We have recently uploaded a new version of TMS FNC Core ( which should be compatible with TMS FNC WX Pack ( If you download both products from the website, are you able to install then?

No, I can not.
I have a completely new TMS All-Access installation. I have FNC Core version from the beginning. That product has been installed first and is working properly.
That won't be a problem.
But from the log file I sent you, it looks like some path name is too long..

If the path name is too long, try installing in shorter paths and make sure to clean up your Windows PATH environment variable and then try again.

I have fresh Win 11 Clean installation and fresh Delphi Tokyo Pro with C/S too.
The settings on my PC were not the cause of the problem.
I already had all TMS All-Access products installed before WX Pack.
Except IntraWEB. Not quite without problems, but they work.

Finally a success! Multiple installation / reinstallation of FNC WX Pack.
In order: automatically - manually - automatically. I have no idea how it went.
WX Pack demo examples can now also be compiled
Such an installation of the "WX Pack" took at least an hour.