Hi @ALL,
the TMS WEB CORE webserver deploys/shows apps over http, but our rest-webserver supplies over https - this is a problem. what can we do to deploy/start from delphi over https??


Are you using XData as well?

If so see: for instructions.

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sorry, we use an own server, but the problem is not, that our server/domain has no "https" - it has! The problem is, that the integrated webserver of TMS (TMSWebServerManager.exe) works without HTTPS and we get problems named "CORS...".

Have you used TMSHttpConfig.exe (in \Bin\Win32 folder) to reserve your end-point as https?

Also check out page 27 in this manual:

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cool, tks for the tip - i will check this..

I just went through a big learning curve experience with http/https

Maybe check out this thread, which describes my pain and heartache until I came across some of Wagner's posts (it's long, and the better stuff starts around halfway down)...

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