Can TWebUpdate check a different exe?

Hi, is it possible to run TWebUpdate in such a way that it checks a different exe file for updates rather than the one that it is running from?  We provide a small "launcher" app for half a dozen other apps, and it would be really handy if the launcher could also check for updates in all the other apps.  Regards, Robin.

Yes that should be possible. The other EXE file would just be added in the [fileXX] list and with the version criteria set specific for this EXE. 
If you have no appcomps entry in the control file, the EXE will not self update and will not restart. It will just download & replace the files found under the [fileXXX] items. Note that it will not close & restart such 'external' EXE files. That is possibly something you might have to do programmatically from this updater app.

Ok thanks, I think I can do something with that.