Using TWebUpdate to update several files

I am trying to use TWebUpdate to create an automated update process that will update a main executable as well as several other database files the application uses. When the application is running the database files are in use, this means I think they'll have to be replaced after the program is closed. Here's the application part of my control file:
appcomps=extracontrol.inf // << this is generated right before the application restarts

However, I run into a problem when I want to update the database files, but not the application. Since none of the database file names match any of the appcomps and that means that FAppCompsIncluded is never set to true. This means that the files will download but the extraprocess.inf will never be called.

Any one have any idea how I could get this to work? If I need to clarify anything let me know.

I'm not sure why you use an .INF file as appcomps? What is the goal of this .INF file and why is it needed?

If you have database(s) and an EXE, you'd typically distribute the updated EXE and updated database(s) in Files sections and then in appcomps specify the EXE update distribution and database update distribution.

I got the idea to use the extra .inf in the appscomps from the developers guide. It's purpose is to move 3 of the downloaded files into the ProgramData directory (after deleting the old ones). However, it can't do this when the program is open since the program uses them. 

Do you include the .INF file that must be downloaded as [FileX] section, i.e. something like:


Normally, as soon as one of the files that TWebUpdate downloads is found in the appcomps item, it should restart the app to perform the update.