TWebUpdate, bpl-package versions

I have an application that consist of the main exe JBMenu.exe and 6 bpl -packages like

JBPack1.bpl, JBPack2.bpl etc.
I have made UpdateBuilder-project for these files, the problem is that TWebUpdate only checks the versions of the bpl's IF there is new version of the main EXE-file. Is it possible to check indivually for new versions (not depending the main exe)  of the bpl-files. The exe rarely changes, but the packages do.
I try to use OnFileVersionCheck-event but that event  never triggers, why ?
I would also suggest a new feature for TWebUpdate:
For every version download a customized file should be uploaded by TWebUpdate, containing info like customer, version, date etc. This would be helpful to know what version each customer has.