TWebUpdate is not working when the program is not started from the same folder as the programs exe file is located

I'm investigating an issue were some of our customers reports that our programs do not get updated.
We are using TWebUpdate in our programs and I have noticed that TWebUpdate does not update the program as expected when the program exe file is not started from the folder where the exe file is located. If I go to the folder where the exe file is located and double click on the exe file, the program updates the exe file as expected. If I hit the windows key and writes the name of the program and hit enter when it shows up, it does not update. Also, if I create a shortcut to the program and change the "Start in" property of the shortcut to something different than the folder where the exe file is located, the program does not update as expected.

My question is: Is this a known limitation of TWebupdate, or is it something we can do to make TWebUpdate work no matter where a program is started from?

Call the update as:


This initializes the working folder to the folder where the application EXE is located.

Thank you! That solved the problem