C++Builder 12.1 - Windows 64bit (Modern)

I test tms vcl ui pack with latest 64 bit compiler in C++Builder 12.1, it is compile correctly but does not link to a library when seek for .lb not .a,
i try to change .a to .lib it is work but ask for .o file.

Please if you can test your component against new 64bit c++Builder and inform where is a problem.

note : same thing happend with embarcadero konopka vcl components.

Ayman Alheraki

We will investigate

I have the same problem.
It seems that the include and library paths are not populated in the modern 64bit compiler options during installation.
TMS components are visible but disabled in the Components palette.
I use the latest VCL pack.
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We will investigate this.

Additional paths seems to be needed from 12.1 for new targets.
We're investigating the best path forward.

I try it with TMS UI Pack 13.1.0 same problem, also the problem come with konopka components 7.0 what come with embarcadero packages.

As you could read in my previous reply: "we are investigating .."

We got information from Embarcadero they expect to release a patch. We will check again when we have received & installed this patch.

Any news on this?

I suggest to try with the latest TMS Smart Setup

When using the TMS VCL UI Pack (v13.1.0.1) installer provided from the My Products page, it does not work. The problem I have is the same as the topic starter described.