Building up function parameter list in TIDEMemo

Hello together.

Since 1 month I am implementing with Scripter Studio Pro and the possiblities are awesome.
I found almost everything I needed in the demos and the source code.
But regarding the presentation of a function parameter list as a hint in TIDEMemo I found nothing.
The function auto completion feature is easy to use, but how can I build up a function parameter hint easily.
Are there any best practice guides or examples?
Best regards for your help
Automatic parameter hints are not supported in current scripter version.
However we're working on this right now and next major version will have full parameter hints  support, and improved code completion.

Do you have any idea when this new major release will come up.

We have scheduled it to mid April.

Perfect, because we will need this feature at least end of June.

Thanks for the fast reply.

also i wait for it and BETTER engine feture such as support of overload & object interfaces & ...