tAdvMemo.OnGetParameterHint from RTTI

Hi, is there any demo any example available for filling the autocompletion for a specific Object automatically with RTTI Informations?

We're using the tAdvMemo for Pascal-Scripting-Source and we want to use the Autocompletion in following circumstances:

 myObject. << we don't know which objects
                              are used within the editor, the user can enter everything he want

Is this possible i.E. to find out that myObject is a tlabel in the source and get all Informations from RTTI in Runtime?
We're using Delphi XE2

Sorry, at this time we do not have a demo with TAdvMemo as this is already quite complex.

This is what is done though in TMS Scripter.  http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/scriptstudiopro.asp
So, if you check this source code, you can see how it is done.