ParameterHint not displaying in TIDEMemo

I have no idea what I am missing. I am registering stand alone functions using TIDEScripter.DefineMethod with the last parameter a text string like 'FileName:string'. In the TIDEMemo at runtime I can Ctrl+Space to get a list of functions, and that does include my custom functions, however opening a round bracket and pressing Shift+Ctrl+Space, or waiting does not cause the parameter hints to appear.

My properties are set as follows:

  • AutoHintParameterDelay=1 (I have also tried 0)
  • AutoHintParameterPosition=hpBelowCode
  • AutoHintParameters=hpAuto
  • ShowHint=True (I have also tried False)

The TIDEEngine is connected to both the TIDEMemo and the TIDEScripter

Update: I just realised, I had populated the syntax styler, adding all the auto completions. Without manually adding them I get nothing but ShowMessage and MessageDlg. It appears to be completely broken.

I'm sorry I got confused. Is this solved or not?
If not, please send us a project reproducing the issue, as we cannot reproduce this here.
Note that when using TIDEEngine, you have to first create a new project and/or unit in the engine so the memo reflects the current active file/script.