Parameter Hints doesn't work on my TIDEMemo


In Delphi 11.3 on VCL (Win32) and last TMS Scripter version.

Like described in documentation (Page 13 of PDF) I try to get Parameter hint. With the 'Hint' argument :

  IDEScripter1.DefineMethod('MyMethod', 2, TkInteger, nil, _MyMethodProc, true, 0, 'Name:string;Value:integer');

But it's doesn't work, hint never appear. When I write "MyMethod(" in my TIdeMemo. Hors press CTRL + SHIFT + Space after "("

Same any native function like "Trim"

Code completion work fine but not for Parameter Hints.
What I'am doing wrong or miss ?

Full source in attachment. (4,9 Ko)

Did you assign IdeEngine1.Memo := Memo1; and also created at least one new project with one blank unit? Like this: IDEEngine1.NewProject; IDEEngine1.NewUnit(TScriptLanguage.slPascal);

It's work fine with that change. Thank you for you answer in another Thread

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