TIDEMemo and completion (CTRL + SPACE)


For the moment I use a TSynedit to edit my TMS script.
But I would like to use TIDEMemo completion capacity using CTRL + SPACE.
Like we can see in demo "ScripterProIDE" :

I have a lot of libraries added in my TMs Script (I use a TIDESCripter).
But I don't find how link a TIDEMemo to a TIDESCripter to make code completion working !?

I think I have then answer is using TIdeMemo.OnGetAutoCompletionList event + using TScripterCodeInsight class.
Like in :

 procedure TIDEEngine.GetAutoCompletionListIndex(AToken: string; AList: StringList;  var DefaultIndex: integer);

Right ?

That's an option, yes.
But scripter can also do it automatically, as long as you "glue" everything together using TIDEEngine. Associate both scripter and memo to TIDEEngine, and then initialize units in the engine and it should work automatically: