BUG: TAdvGDIPPicture ambiguity compiler error

Using BDS2006, C++Builder personality
I'm using a TAdvGDIPPicture on a VCC form, and i get this error

[C++ Error] GraphicServerFORM.h(66): E2015 Ambiguity between 'TAdvGDIPPicture' and 'Advgdip::TAdvGDIPPicture'

I changed the image declaration (in the IDE managed "zone") in "Advgdipicture::TAdvGDIPPicture* MyPic". This allow me to compile but now the IDE tells me everytime that the declaration is not right and asks to change it.

Sorry, i meant VCL form.

It is unfortunately a limitation of C++Builder that it always wants to show a confirm prompt for this change.

I'm not aware that there is a solution or workaround for this C++Builder shortcoming.

Maybe a conditional compiler definition (somewhat like declaring the Advgdip::TAdvGDIPPicture under an #ifndef statement.... i don't know why there's two different things with the same name)
Meanwhile, there's something else i can use to put a PNG in a form? that's all i'd need

Sorry, we do not have an alternative control right now that also has PNG support.