AdvGDIPPicture and GDIPPictureContainer


How I use the pictures to AdvGDIPPicture  that store in GDIPPictureContainer ?

I try some way, but i get allways Incompatible types,...

Only work: 
 - GDIPPictureContainer.FindPicture('picture.png').SaveToStream(lStream);
 -  AdvGDIPPicture.Picture.LoadFromStream(lStream);
But it is like a not nice looking solution :))


These picture classes are two different classes, so right now, unfortunately, a solution is to use

the stream technique you have found.

Opps, thanks.

Not impontant the AdvGDIPPicture, GDIPPictureContainer neither.

I search for the component, that is image, and aviable strech.
Its a AdvGDIPPicture.
And the containter for images: GDIPPictureContainer.

Which other component use i instead of these ?