The horizontal text alignment does not work if a html tag is used. The text is left aligned.

The following text works properly, text is left/right/center aligned:
"TTMSFMXHTMLText Test Test Test"

This text is always left aligned, only the text block is drawn at center/right:
"TTMSFMXHTMLText Test Test Test"

This is a very important function for me, currently I am using the FMX version, it would be nice to fix it in FMX and FNC.


You need to use a paragraph center aligned:

"<p align"center"><b>TTMSFMXHTMLText</b> Test Test Test</p>"

I am using this workaround for a while, I thought there would be a better way. I implemented the workaround in my new project, it works fine now.

Thanks for confirming!