Bug in TTMSFMXHTMLText, text is switching to black

The font color is switching to black when adding an empty line

FMXHTMLText.Text := '<B>Test</B>'; // works properly. 
FMXHTMLText.Text := '<B>Test</B>' + CRLF + 'new line'; // works properly once
FMXHTMLText.Text := '<B>Test</B>' + CRLF + 'new line'; // text display is now black and stays black

In the FNC version of the component this fixed. Could you please fix this bug in the FMX version?


Did you set the font color with the Fill.Color property?

  TMSFMXHTMLText1.Fill.Color := gcRed;
  TMSFMXHTMLText1.Text := '<B>Test</B>';
  TMSFMXHTMLText1.Text := '<B>Test</B>' + #13#10 + 'new line'; 
  TMSFMXHTMLText1.Text := '<B>Test</B>' + #13#10 + 'new line';

This works as expected here.

Thanks, this works. It's a little strange that I have to use Fill.Color is used instead of Font.Color.

In FNC, Font.Color exists, in FMX This is not included in TFont. This is usually done via the FontColor property or Fill.Color.

Thank you, learned something again. Greetings from Hamburg

Thanks for the feedback!