TMSFMXButton / SpeedButton no left aligned Text

Hi, whats wrong
TextAlign=Client - sets the AREA for text to the whole button (Button)

Setting left or right just set the textbox left or right - the text within is always centered!

Both control DO have the non published property TextSettings. but manually setting

is NOT working.
Can anything be set in a style? how?

If I have a stack of button - then my customers want to have the text ALL left aligned - 'comment: we are not in a restaurant ...)

Thanx - otherwise I have to subclass and correct OR use standard Button. But I like TMSControls embedded Bitmaps !!!!

Thanx and regards from Switzerland

The behavior is by design, the TextAlign property is for positioning the text relative to the image.

You can change the text alignment with the code you have suggested, we have no problems here.
If you have problems with this code, please send us your code you have used to align the text:

  TMSFMXButton1.HTMLText.TextSettings.HorzAlign := TTextAlign.Leading;

of course you do not  have a problem ... as you are using the right property ... HTMLText.

I was using TextSettings ...
TMSFMXSpeedButton1.TextSettings.HorzAlign:=TTextAlign.Leading; - does not work

AND - I do NOT have HTMLText.TextSettings as published property, so i cannot set it at design time.

unless - I add code to the subclassed control (don't ask why I'm doing that...)

property HTMLTextSettings:TTextSettings read HtsGet write HtsSet stored true;

function HtsGet: TTextSettings;

procedure HtsSet(const Value: TTextSettings);

.. and it works at design time

But Thanxs