TAdvStringGrid and html tag <p align="..."> bug

Since the last update, the html tag <p align="..."> stopped working.

The text is in the cell, but is invisible.


Text visible:
cells[0,1]:='Test text';

Text invisible:
cells[0,1]:='<p align="right">Test Text</p>';

It did not happen with previous versions, just since the last update to And I only noticed it because my customer complained that text in grids were missing suddenly.
The text is in the cell, just not visible. Hovering over the cell shows the text in a tooltip (when tooltips are enabled).

Reply to myself: It now add an empty line before the text, which it did not do in the previous version and the text was aligned properly.

How can I right align a text in a cell when the text contains html codes? In this case, the event onGetAlignment does not work and it does not align the cell, and <p align="right"> adds a newline before the text.

Issue was internally already fixed. We'll release an update this week that will address this.

Hi !

I have the same prob.

TMS software Team : have a Solution ?


Thanks for this quick answer !