Mini HTML: <hr> tag cannot be centered

When a <hr> tag is used in a centered HTML text, the line is not shown correctly:

The image shows a TTMSFMXHTMLText component showing the text:
<p align="center">Text before<br><hr><br>text after</p>

Is there a workaround or a fix? 

I found a workaround. I had already tried with a new p-tag, but the trick was to specifically set the align to left:

<p align="center">Text before</p> <p align="left"> <hr> </p> <p align="center">text after</p>

Thanks for reporting.
We applied a fix so the original HTML 

<p align="center">Text before<br><hr><br>text after</p>
will also work correct.
The next update will have this fix.

Thank you for following up on this.