Bug: Components shifted down in TWebGroupBox


There's a problem with TWebGroupBox where every component inside the box is shifted downwards.

I first noticed it a few months ago but didn't say anything because I assumed someone on the development team would notice it and quickly fix it. But it's driving me crazy now, as it's affecting all of my web-based projects. Yes, I'm using the latest version (1.7.1), but this has been an ongoing issue for several versions already.

Please see the attached demo project. Look closely at how things are positioned inside the IDE, and then look at how they appear when rendered in the browser.

How did nobody else see this? Am I the only person using TWebGroupBox?

GroupBox Shift.zip (5.5 KB)

We applied an improvement for this that will be included in the next release

Thank you.

Unfortunately, the 1.7.2 update fixed one thing but broke another.

Please see this new thread.