I am moving my old FMX UI Pack code to FNC UI Code, however seems you did not have a "tester" and quality department.

On the video below you will see a TERRIBLE mistake from you concerning to show bitmapcontainer icons, even that this are supose to see only in design time not runtime.

Video above shows you the issue, take a look at the seconds: 3, 13, 16

Are you really commited with customers?

I am using Delphi 11.3 with latest tms components, this video was recorded with Win64 compiled App

FNC non visual components are actually visual components due to the double registration in VCL & FMX. This is a technical limitation. So "non visual" components such as TTMSFNCBitmapContainer need to be hidden. By design the Visible property is set to False when being dropped on the form, so somehow the components Visible property is set to True when displaying the additional form. Please make sure the Visible property is set to False for those components.

It does not work, I put the code on the "oncreate" form but continue showing both components

Is there any code that toggles the Visible property of the components on your form, because it's unclear to me exactly why the components are visible. The following code inside TTMSFNCCustomComponent should prevent this.

procedure TTMSFNCCustomComponent.Loaded;
  if not (csDesigning in ComponentState) then
    Visible := False;

I don't have any routine that toggles visible components on the form, did you take note that this issue is only on Windows platform???

I tested on Android and it does not happend, I did not test it on iOS and macOS yet

Can you check if the bitmapcontainer components are childs of a specific control, or if they are childs of the form. If the first, please move them to the main form and set the Visible property to false at designtime. Then check if the issue is fixed at runtime when opening the form.

FNCbitmapcontainer is child of the form, however there is not "visible" property at designtime check for yourself.

It's strange that the component remains visible even though it's explicitly set to False during the load operation of the form. can you share some details on how you create / show the form which contains the bitmap containers?

Here in México we said "MEXICANADA", so my partial solution was to move off the visual form my both FNCbitmapcontainers, I used CONTROL + LEFT in order to move pixel by pixel both components so I can't no longer see even on design time.

What if you move it to constructor? Would have any side effects?


  if not IsDesigning then begin
    Visible := False;