Automated way of populating the caption?

I have an existing database that I am trying to put into data modeller. 

The existing field names are fine for working with the database, but on diagrams, they leave alot to be desired.
In the table/column description is a more descriptive name for the entity/attribute and I would like to be able to automatically pull the appropriate text from the description and place it into the caption.

For example, I have a table

Which has a description of
Original Entity  Name       :  Product Requirements
Physical Entity Name       :  A0034B
Baseline View                  :  POREQIDEN
Creation Date                  :  Friday,June 8, 2012
Model Style                      :  Physical, 4th NF
Revision                           :  1
And every table and column in the database has a description such as the above.
I would like an automated method to pull the Caption from the description.

I was looking at the data model library but from the description, it can only be used to read the data model project, not used to update the project.

Is there any example code available to perform a task like this?

Unfortunately there is not such direct way to do that, you would have to manually edit the data modeler, or do it in your database first, and then import it.

I have the same need and would love to see a feature added to allow captions to be updated in a programmatic manner.

I'm inheriting a database with all table prefixed with "tbl" - I'd like to remove this prefix but it seems I have to go through several hundred items by hand. Field names have similar issue.... like to remove leading character from fields like cName, dStart , etc.

It would be good if we could import the entire database structure including database objects, captions, descriptions, dependencies etc from a spreadsheet that follows a pre-defined format.

It would be best as this would allow us to use our knowledge of the systems to quickly import from our existing databases so that it is easy to use/design/re-factor our legacy systems using this tool.



We are considering adding a scripting feature where you would have access to the modeling objects (tables, descriptions, fields, etc.) so you will be able to manipulate the objects. I believe this will fit the needs for both of you and other users?

It would be great - I have been hoping that you might incorporate some of your other products into DataModeller.

A scripting tool would be perfect.

It would be great if you incorporated your plugin framework combined with your diagramming studio so that those of us who purchased those products could design/implement our own diagramming elements/displays with the diagramming tool and load them dynamically.   (I have wanted a legend/info stamp to be able to be placed upon the diagram page for a long time as an example).   

best regards


Yes, we will think about ways to customize it. Scripting will probably be included.

Scripting/Object Grouping and User Definable Diagram Elements would allow the end user to produce custom diagrams that can be setup to reverse existing products, fully document the design while being able to generate usable code.

This would be a killer combination and closer to the agile development model