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It's possible add fields annotation via script in data modeller?
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Yes, you can use customization scripts for that:

where can I find a complete list of the parameters including the various properties (TCodeTypeDeclaration etc.etc)
of the procedure OnColumnGenerated, OnAssociationGenerated ..
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Unfortunately we don't have such reference yet. For now you have the code completion tool in the script editor and our support to help you out.

what I would like is to take the information from the definition of the fields or table (for example from the description) and create the validation annotations with the script language.
I can do it?

Yes, it's possible. There are a few examples in the documentation and here in Support Center that you can use as a base and extend it for your own use.

Example on adding an atribute based on some field information (name):

Adding property/field based on field information:

Actually an example of adding validation attributes based on some field information:

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