Auto-Styling AdvToolBarPagerMain


is it possible to "auto - style" AdvToolBarPagerMain depending on the current windows version or did I have to set the style property of TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler manually (depending on the current OS)?

Mathias Pannier

Did you set AdvToolBarOfficeStyler.AutoThemeAdapt = true?


I have tried it, but it doesnt work. I have made a complete new application using the TMS wizard and change only this property. But it doesnt work. Also the AdvPreviewMenuOfficeStyler and AdvOfficeStatusBarOfficeStyler did not have such a property...

I'd suggest to set a TAdvFormStyler on the form with AutoThemeAdapt and this will control the style of all styles on the form.

It does'nt work. How can I send You a demo app?

I have startet a new project by using the TMS wizard. All Styles are set to Windows 7. If I start the app it looks like Windows 7. If I set AutoThemeAdapt to true and start the app Everything looks like Office2003. Then I add a FormStyler. But it does'nt work, too.
My PC 
- Win 8.1
- Delphi XE3
- TMS Advanced Toolbars & Menus

I Have updated to the latest version. But the problem is the same.

I investigated this and found the shortcoming. This is fixed now and the next update will address this.

OK. Thanks. When will the next version be released?

Next release date is Nov 25.Nancy Lescouhier2014-11-14 08:13:44

When will the update be released? I can't see the new version in my account product page.

The new update has been postponed until Dec 16.

Hello, I have installed the latest version. But it does'nt work. As I described I have created a new Application with the TMS wizard (TMS Office 2010 ribbon application). If I set AutoThemeAdapt to true and compile the Application I get an office2003blue ribbon style. If I drop a TAdvFormStyler on the Form and set AutoThemeAdapt to true I can see the switch to Style tsOffice2003Blue at designtime. I'm using Delphi XE3 on Windows 8.1.

What version of Office do you have installed on this machine?

Office 2013 (15.0.4675.1002) 32-Bit

I can only assume it must be an issue with detection of the installation of Office 2013.

Is this installed under the same Windows user account as the one from which you run the Delphi app?

I think yes. I have started Delphi and my test project as admin but with the same result. I have tested on Win 8 and Win 7. The ribbon theme is the same.

We'll reinvestigate if there could be something Office 2013 specific.