Office 2016 / Windows 10 Not Applying

Hi guys,

I downloaded the latest Advanced Toolbars & Menus and installed it on my fresh install copy of XE6. I'm running Windows 10 and I've changed the class type to a TAdvToolBarForm. 

I cannot get the Windows 10 or the Office 2016 themes to apply. 
I also have to forcefully change the width of the form at FormCreate in order to get the Pager to actually show. 

Any ideas? 


Sample Image 1: 

Sample Image 2:

I have no idea how to edit this post... sigh. 

Anyway, the images which aren't showing are:

I cannot see an issue here when following these steps:
Step 1: Drop TAdvToolBarPager on the form
Step 2: Descend form from TAdvToolBarForm

Step 3: Drop TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler on the form and connect to AdvToolBarPager.ToolBarStyler
Step 4: Drop TAdvFormStyler on the form and set style to tsOffice2016White
Run app.

Then something is really botched on my side because I followed that step-by-step. 

Running the app:
1. Opens an empty form
2. I cannot move the move form; I must resize, minimize or maximize it. 
3. After doing 2, the form is no longer empty and the toolbar is present. 
4. The theme is not applied. 

I'll try reinstalling and see if that fixes it.

Thanks for the reply.

Didn't work. 

I'll try other things tomorrow. 

Let me know if you can think of anything, please. :) 


Hi, since last update i have same problem.

The Toolbarpager will not correct paint the applied Style :(

Please solve this...

Are you 
1) using the latest version

2) doing the steps exactly as posted

If so, please provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce this issue here as we cannot see such problem here.

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the assist.

In my case, to answer your questions: 
1. Yes (you might be able to check my download history - I grabbed the latest version available to me),
2. Yes

Sample project location:


I do not see step 4 in your project.


Okay, same link - updated the download.

Oh for goodness sake, the file didn't update. Sorry. Fixing it now.

I think Google Drive keeps a cache of the old file (which is why when I downloaded it to check, it didn't have step 4). 

Okay, that new link looks good.

When I run your project, it shows as Office2016White.

Hmm, that's really weird. 

I honestly have no idea what can cause this. 

I know XE8 comes with Windows 10 support. 
I am using XE6 - could that potentially cause an issue? 
I'll fiddle around and see if maybe it's my installation of Delphi maybe.


Can you test to change AdvFormStyler.Style at runtime to see if this helps?

As an aside: The statusbar and statusbar styler set to Office2016 work just fine. o.O

This works and the theme is set: 

  AdvToolBarOfficeStyler1.Style := bsOffice2016Black;

This does not (though I may be doing this wrong)
  AdvFormStyler1.Style := tsOffice2016Black;

Update: I tried TAdvToolBarPager using the Component Pack and it works. 

My home PC however uses the standard Toolbar Menu pack. 
Both machines use XE6 and Windows 10.

Is it the latest version of both?

At home I downloaded of Advanced ToolBars & Menus but I don't know what version the TAdvToolBarPager says.

According to TAdvToolBarPager, the version is "" on my work machine but on your website it says V7.9.4.0 for the Component Pack so I'm not sure.