AV when switching style to *2013 with a combobox


I am using a combination of AdvAppStyler and AdvFormStyler and have attached a combobox to TAdvFormStyler.Combobox. All available Styles are listed in that combobox and i can switch the viewstyle with that box. OK.

However, every time i switch to an Office2013-Format i get an AV (all other styles are working as expected)

The form contains a TAdvToolbarPager, a AdvStatusBar and a AdvMemo with all needed stylers.

Any hints?


I added in our Office2010 demo in the combobox an entry for Office 2013 white and in the case dealing with combobox selection:

   5: advformstyler1.Style := tsOffice2013White;

and this works as expected. What are you different from our demo app?

I just added a normal combobox to the form and attached it to the stylers "Combobox" property. The combobox got automatically filled with the available styles and when i select any of the *2013 styles i get an AV (no code on my side, just wired things up in the object inspector)

I cannot reproduce this with these steps added to a standard TMS ribbon application.

Do you use the latest version of the components?
If a problem persists, please isolate this and send by email some sample source project with which we can reproduce this issue here.

I will try to strip down the application to a smaller sample that reproduces the effect (but currently i am not on the computer where my Delphi is installed)


I have tried to create a small example that shows the problem with no success. I think i will have to rebuild my main form from scatch.

But while trying to reproduce the error i found two other issues:

When i switch to one of the *2013 formats the main form jumps to the background behind other open windows (maybe because the form is recreated)

When switching back to another style there is suddenly a normal window frame around the main form that looks like a toolbar window frame. The window buttons in that window frame are not working , to close the form i still have to use the close button that the advtoolbar pager created.

Are you referring to open windows from the ribbon app itself or other application windows?

I cannot see an issue here with other application windows. It is correct and necessary though that a window recreate is necessary to switch between these radically different styles at runtime. I could not see an issue with the window frame or window buttons though when doing such style switch from our Office2010 demo app.


the form is hidden behind other applications (for example an explorer window or Delphi).

After switching back to Windows 7 design the form looks like THIS

When recreating the form a normal window frame is created.

The project does not contain any code written by me. Everythis is wired up in the object inspector.

Maay be important: I am using Delphi XE2!

Strange but I cannot reproduce this.
From the screenshot, this would appear to be Windows 7 with aero disabled?
Did you test this on a different machine?

I made the screenshot in a remote desktop session because i am not directly at the computer where Delphi is installed.

But on a live session directly on the computer it is the same effect (looks a little bit different)

As I mentioned, we cannot reproduce this.

You can download our test app here which is our Office2010 demo extended with the capability to switch to Office 2013 white mode:


I have sent you a little sample project. Are you still unable to reproduce the problem with that project (compiled in XE2!!)?

I could reproduce the form position issue. It must have something to do with the automatic selection from combobox. We're investigating this.

And what is about the issue wiith the window frame?

Meanwhile i have downloaded the office demo application and modified it to select Window7 and Office2013 styles (as in your demo you offered hee in the forum). When switching back to windows 7 i can reproduce this issue. I have changed nothing in the demo application except the two styles.

Compiled in XE2 (could it be an issue with this Delphi version???)

It is related to the switch to Windows 7. Far from trivial to handle this at runtime and under investigation if something can be done.

Any news on this issue?

Sorry, we haven't been able to find a workaround yet for this particularly complex issue.