App web browser control

A way to inject a TWebBrowser like control when available in the chosen platform, so we could maintain the user focus on the app instead of opening the system's default browser.

This is not a recommended practice from the security point of view: Google Blocks OAuth Requests Made Via Embedded Browsers.

TMS Sphinx has ways though for you to implement such mechanism, although it's not documented yet.

I tried (not so hard) to find how to do it before submitting the feature request :grin: , but following the paths just led me to a ShellExecute :see_no_evil:.
Hoping for a disclosure soon!

We will try to create a small example showing how you can hook into it.


We found out that actually an example with current version is not possible. There are some hooks that were created but not published yet. We are close to release Sphinx 1.1. For this new release, the demo project has been improved significantly, with an example showing how to authorize the application API, and also how to use form-embedded browser for the login.

So, stay tuned for TMS Sphinx 1.1, it will include the full example for what you want.


TMS Sphinx 1.1 is now released. The demo shows how to use embedded login form.


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