TSphinxWebLogin example

Is there any example how to use this component? I spend hours to get it running.

I try in a webFormCreate handler

if not SphinxWebLogin1.isLoggedIn then

But nothing happens. If I call the LoginPage directly I get redirected but to the web Core application page looks scrampled..

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Ok. Add CORS!!! add CryptoJS and add Scope.
But where is the Issuer. I can set only ClientId

This is a problem introduced in latest TMS Web Core release. We will fix that.

After spendig today round about 4 hours with this component I got it almost running, but after the first authentication the issuer problem raies. If I reload the page with F5 everything is nice.

Please, make a demo how to use it. You can run into so many problems if you dont know how to handle this. (Also with CORS).

// To be honest, this is my old "proplem" with TMS. The documenations always stops where it it should start.
Compared to DevExpress!! It it senseless to make great software if you do not document it.

Not sure what we are talking about now, exactly.
There is a problem with TMS Web Core and TMS Sphinx with regarding processing the OAuth callback. That's why you are getting a "nothing happens" behavior (even though the lack of detailing, I understand this is a blank page, because that's the behavior we are getting here).

That's the current issue and I mentioned we are fixing it. Not sure what else is under discussion?

First I run into many problems -> The page did not redirect. After I found the CORS problem, the missing libs and so and got it almost working.- When redirecting back to the webapp the page is empty and on the console an exception about the issuer is coming up. Refreshing the page will load successfully the application with authentification. So yes, I had the same problem but the cause was different. Now, the page will not load after redirectung because the issuer problem came up.

May be three pictures will explain it better

Pressing F5

First and foremost, please add the following line to the .dpr of your project and also to the .dpr of WebClient.web project in the Sphinx demos.

  Application.HandleOAuth := False; // ADD THIS LINE

This should make the existing demo to work, after this latest break in TMS Web Core.
Make sure the demo is working fine.

Once you confirm the demo is working, please go back to your project, add the same line, and please provide the details of what's happening after that fix is added.

Took some time to come back to the project.- Sorry. Yes, the exception in the console is gone and i can login into my web project.

Thank you!!

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