Request = demo coupling Sphinx and xData Server

In next release, will it be possible to get a demo about the "best" way to use both a Sphinx server and a xData Server in a way similar to JwtAuthDemo for xData ?
With an WebCore Client and a VCL (or FMX) Client.


There is already a demo that has three projects: the server, a VCL client, and a Web Core client. Not sure what do you need different from what's already there?

I think Sylvain is struggling to understand (as do I) on how to set up Sphinx with Sparkle/XData as a Module.

I have implemented my backend as a XData Module on an apache server on linux. To do that I create a WebBrokerServer, then create a XDataServerModule, add Middleware to the XDataServerModule and finally add the XDataServerModule to the Dispatcher of the WebBrokerServer.
The actual endpoints implementation are added as Service Operations. This all works fine and I have no problem using this approach to build my backend functionality.

In the Documentation in the Reference Section I can only find TSphinxServer which is described as: The component that provides the HTTP Sphinx server, as a XData/Sparkle module. However I cannot use TSphinxServer like I would use a TXDataServerModule. I can find a TSphinxServerModule, but there is no information listed in the Reference about TSphinxServerModule. I'm scratching my head now, on how to make Sphinx Server work in a module compiled for apache on linux.

In fact, I'm not at your step about using an apache module for Sphinx
My request was about to understand the best practice about securing an xData API using Sphinx (token, scope, claims...)
In "simple" demo, there is simple client (VCL and Web) consuming OAuth.
Goal is to get by example, web clients consumming xData Server API but with identities managed by Sphinx.

@Putzich_Andreas, I understand this as a different request. Would you mind opening a topic with that specific question? I can help you there, then.

That is actually kind of "out of Sphinx scope", because it's already available almost entirely in XData itself. You can have a full chapter about authorization/authentication here:

Sphinx deals with the process of authentication and getting the authorization credentials.
It helps regarding the API authorization, but that part is rather simple: Sphinx just gives you the opportunity to generate the access token (using OnGetSigningData and OnConfigureToken events) and then from there it's just XData.

But I agree with you, we could "finish" the demo by adding the API part. If you don't mind I'd kindly ask you to add a feature request to this so we (and you) can track and implement it eventually.

Sure will do that.

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Hi Wagner,

the new topic was created a while ago. Do you have an estimate on when you will be able to provide some insight into that topic?

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Answered. Sorry for the delay.

TMS Sphinx 1.1 released and the demo was updated to illustrate how to could Sphinx and XData API.


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