All styles implemented for "styled" components?

I have a problem with styling several components in my application, not all styles are picked up. Currently I limit the styles for config by user to just a subset that works, but testing under Windows 8 this really looks like "foreign substance" with Windows-7-and-before styling.

Easy to demonstrate at design time: create a new frame, place a TAdvPolyPager (with a page) and TAdvFormStyler on it, set the form style to Office 2003 blue: the pager looks nice. Change to olive - looks nice. Change to Windows 8... stays olive. Right-click on pager and selecting "Styles" does not show Windows 8 (and others) as an option. Same behaviour for e.g. TAdvToolBarPager: here Windows 8 for me is only picked up by the inner AdvToolBars, not the overall pager. Same for Office 2013 styles.
Am I missing something in my development here, e.g. a styler or event, or is this currently a gap and can be fixed? I have all required stylers on my main form and link through to sub elements, but for those styles I cannot get around the problem.
Thanks for your help!  - Matthias -