AdvStringGrid first visible column

I have an AdvStringGrid where I have to update some cells every second to view realtime data.
When I do this the horizontal bar always returns to the first column on the left
How can I avoid this?
I tried with navigation.KeepHorizScroll but with no luck.


How exactly are you updating the cell? If I scroll to the right, visualizing a cell, and use code in a timer to update the cells contents with AdvStringGrid1.Cells[X, Y] the grid is keeping the scroll position. Please provide more info or a sample/code snippet

stg1->Cells[COL_INFO][rp]= String().sprintf( L"<FONT color="#%x"> %02d ", DataB->ColorToHex(bkcol), n);
stg1->Cells[][]= ... //first and last column

I'm unable to reproduce this here. Attached is a sample test project. (6.5 KB)
Please provide a test application so we can investigate what is going on. (6.9 KB)

did you see the problem in the example?


We noticed the error, the issue will be investigated as soon as possible.

We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.