AdvStringGrid Performance Issue

I have an advstringgrid on a form that has 120 columns and 30 rows. On this same form I have a label that updates every 0.5 sec and displays the current time of day. When the grid receives data, the time of day clock can skip 3-4 seconds. If I make the grid invisible, the clock counts normally.

Does anyone have any idea if I'm missing some setting on the grid that would produce this kind of behaviour?

I have tried using the beginupdate / endupdate but this makes no difference.

There must be something special happening in your grid.
With a default anchored grid on the form, fullscreen initialized with:

  advstringgrid1.Colcount := 30;
  advstringgrid1.Rowcount := 120;

we cannot see any issue.
Can you please perform more details so we can understand and reproduce this?