Strange advgrid redraw problem - 3 -

Good morning to all,

back again on this "cosmetic" grid redraw "falshing" problem.

Using the grid with the mouse, select a row with left mouse button, j have the same last problem.

After a little investigation, this problem is fired up only if (in navigate option) is setted KeepHorizScroll. With this option setted the visible area (columns) is preserved while the grid is moved up/down (for example if the grid has 20 columns and the visible colums are 3-9, changin the rows the grid's scrolling and the visible columns are always in the range 3-9).

This is fantastic if i use only the keyboard.

If i scroll the grid with mouse, the grid change the row but for any changed row the gris is

1) totaly redrawed (from first column to the last visible one)

2) the grid is redrawed from first column visible to last visible in according with the control's area (column 3 to 9).

3) I have the flashing redraw problem.

The news (not good) is that this problem is fired up even if i clik the left mouse button on any row (not fixed) without move the mouse.

I can understand that this is a "boring" problem but exist.

If can help, i can send you a little demo progam.

Thank's for your attention

Best regards


Please try to isolate this into a sample source project and send it by email together with steps to reproduce so we can investigate.