Add image in TAdvSmoothTileList

Hello TMS support team,

I am using TadvSmoothTileList and TAdvSmoothTileListVisualizer components in my application. The visualizer defines the content of the tiles small view in DrawText event:

  • Tile's label at the top of the tile
  • A TGDIPProgress at the center of the tile
  • A TGPSolidBrush at the right bottom of the tile
This is perfectly working.

But now, I have to add a picture (from a disk file or from a TGDIPPictureContainer) in the tile, at the bottom left. I tried to use a TGPImage component in my DrawText event, no results.

Does someone have a tip for my issue ?

Kind regards,


Delphi Berlin / TMS / Win 7 x64

Did you try something like:


Hello Bruno,

Thank you for your support.

I tried this in an empty form with a TGDIPPictureContainer component but it doesn't work:
GDIPPictureContainer1.FindPicture('02.png').Draw(Canvas, Rect(100,100,100,100))
I didn't have anything on my screen. Do I miss something ?

I cannot do this in my DrawText event of my TAdvSmoothTileListVisualizer because I don't have any Canvas for drawing the picture.

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The control also has a method to draw on GDI+

   GDIPPictureContainer1.FindPicture('picturename').GDIPDraw(graphics.TGPGraphics; Rect);

Thank you Bruno, this method works.

Kind regards